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xinput1 1.dll

The xinput1 1.dll error process entry point Can not locate xinput1 1.dll Can not register xinput1 1.dll xinput1 1.dll — System Error The program can not begin because xinput1 1.dll is missing from your device. To fix the problem, try reinstalling the program.

If the xinput1 1.dll error is missing, you can use one of the manual or automated methods below to solve the problem. The manual approach assumes you are downloading the xinput1 1.dll file and placing it in the installation directory of the game / application while the second method is much simpler as it helps you to correct the error with minimal effort automatically. Method 1: Download Xinput1 1.dll Method 2: Fix the missing Xinput1 1.dll error Method 3: Fix the missing Xinput1 1.dll error with System File Checker (SFC) Method 1: Download Xinput1 1.dll

Search the available versions of xinput1 1.dll from the list below to select the correct file and press the Download link. If you are unable to determine which version to choose, please read the following article or use the automated method to resolve the issue

Xinput1 1.dll 1 versions Bits Version File size Language Description Checksums 61.2 KB U.S. English Standard Controller API MD5MD5f1726346e58342541fe73429f8e9c10 SHA1 SHA1a1b7a4edd7d11641 Where can the Xinput1 1.dll file be placed?

The file must be placed inside the application / game installation folder to repair the xinput1 1.dll error. You can also place the xinput1 1.dll file in the directory of the Windows system.

How can Xinput1 1.dll be registered? If placing the missing xinput1 1.dll file in the proper directory does not solve the problem that you will need to register. To do this, copy your DLL file to the folder C:WindowsSystem32 and open an admin rights prompt. There is xinput1 1.dll form regsvr32 and press Enter.

Method 2: Automatically repair the missing Xinput1 1.dll error

Step 2: Quick configuration instructions to download the device. Download Solution 4.365.534downloads File Size: 3.04 MB Download time: 1 min. on DSL / ADSL / Cable This software is compatible with:

Method 3: Fix Xinput1 1.dll missing error with System File Checker (SFC) Most users are familiar with the sfc / scan system file integrity check command that checks and fixes protected Windows system files automatically. You must run the command prompt as an administrator to execute this instruction. Step 1: Start the command line as a Windows administrator by pressing Win key on your keyboard and then selecting Command Prompt in the search field-right-click the result and select Run as administrator. You can also press the Win + X key combination to open the menu where you can select Command Prompt (Admin). Step 2: In Command Prompt, type sfc / scannow and hit Enter. A device test will begin after entering the order. It’ll take a while, so be patient, please. Once the operation is complete, you can receive and successfully restored the message that Windows Re Security found corrupt files. Or Windows Re Security finds infected files but couldn’t patch any. Keep in mind that System File Checker (SFC) can not fix system file integrity errors currently used by the operating system for those system files. To fix these files, the SFC command must be executed in the Windows recovery environment via the command prompt. From the login screen, you can enter the Windows Recovery Area by clicking Shutdown and holding down the Shift key when selecting Restart. It will take a while for this project and it’s important to wait until it’s completed. When the command prompt is closed and the computer is restarted as usual. Popular dll files vcruntime140.dll — msvcp140.dll — d3dcompiler 43.dll — Direct3D HLSL Compiler Other dll files bribrem00.dll — BranchCache Export CacheMgr Provider rpcnsh.dll — Windows Remote Desktop Services Performance Objects acdb18.dll — AutoCAD component peerdistcacheprovider.dll — BranchCache Export CacheMgr Provider rpcnsh.dll — RPC Netshell Helper onexui.dll — IEEE 802.1X supplicant UI library fxsext32.dll.

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