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Windows Score OLE: Since you’ve opted to visit this site, you’re either looking for ole32.dll file or repairing the ole32.dll file. Browse through the following information to explain how to solve your problem. You can also access the ole32.dll file on this site.

What’s Ole32.dll about? Ole32.dll is a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) directory that is used to link to important Windows OS system files. It usually contains a set of procedures and driver functions that Windows can use.

What is the use of Ole32.dll?

The Windows Operating System is commonly associated with Ole32.dll, which is also known as OLE. It is an essential component that ensures the proper functioning of Windows programs. Therefore, if the ole32.dll file is missing, the related code may have a negative impact on the job. What is the missing error mean for Ole32.dll?

Ole32.dll errors can be caused by multiple reasons. These include Windows registry problems malicious software defective applications etc. Error messages relating to ole32.dll file may also mean that corrupted or deleted the file was improperly installed. Other common ole32.dll errors include: ole32.dll error loading ole32.dll crash ole32.dll was not found to be ole32.dll. If the ole32.dll error is missing, you can use one of the manual or automatic methods below to solve the problem. The manual method assumes that the ole32.dll file is downloaded and placed inside the installation folder of the game / application while the second method is much easier as it allows you to fix the error with minimal effort automatically. Method 1: Download Ole32.dll Method 2: Fix automatically the missing Ole32.dll error Method 3: Fix the missing Ole32.dll error with System File Checker (SFC)

Scan the available versions of ole32.dll from the list below to find the appropriate file and click the Download link. Checksums 32bit6.3.9600.17042 U.S. If you can not decide which version to choose read the article below or use the automatic method to solve the problem

Ole32.dll 14 available versions

File size Language Description. English OLE for Windows MD5MD52bdb085aa7eca65d1793d150cec960af SHA1 SHA18718c2c0b35faa5204e54d617e5ca26e557e3181 Download 1.1 MB U.S. English OLE for Windows MD5MD56ada7f192919ddd51930a73f364129433 SHA1 SHA1d37a368e444aeb243cc867bd87a359f1487878b2dd. Download 32bit6.0.6001.18498 1.3 MB U.S. English OLE for Windows SHA16e60b4fa22e563e7dc88797bc9ddefc99074084a Download 64bit6.0.6001.18498 1.8 MB U.S. English SHA16e60b4fa22e563e7dc88797bc9ddefc99074084a Download 64bit6.0.6001.18498 1.8 MB U.S. English SHA12e936ebcce3952 64bit10.0.14393.0 1.2 MB U.S. OLE for Windows MD5MD517b7768df8a118ed57e98a72d7cf115c SHA1 Download 32bit10.0.14393.0 936.6 KB U.S. English OLE for Windows SHA1a8f9fd4abb12d33ef0ed1306f52f8d0bd736f530 Download 64bit10.0.10586.494 1.3 MB U.S. English OLE for Windows SHA1a8f9fd 930.6 KB U.S. English OLE for Windows MD5MD59e209c668fd9c867dc41bd55897b4e SHA1 SHA170f8a1ea4488f28a6152b6942fa1a125468189c2

How to select Ole32.dll for the correct version?

Select the correct file for your program and look through the descriptions in the table above. Be careful if it’s a 64- or 32-bit file as well as the language it uses. For 64-bit programs, if listed above, use 64-bit files. If possible, it is best to select those dll files which language corresponds to your program’s language. For up-to-date functionality, we also recommend downloading the latest versions of dll files. Where the Ole32.dll file can be placed?

The file must be put inside the application / game installation directory to fix the ole32.dll error. You can also place the ole32.dll file in the directory of the Windows system.

How to use Ole32.dll to register? If placing the missing ole32.dll file in the proper directory does not solve the problem that you will need to register. To do this, copy your DLL file to the directory C:WindowsSystem32 and open an admin rights prompt. Type regsvr32 ole32.dll and click Enter.

Method 2: Automatically repair the missing Ole32.dll error

Step 2: Quick configuration instructions to download the software. Download Solution 4.365.534downloads File Size: 3.04 MB Download time: 1 min. from DSL / ADSL / Cable This software is compatible with:

Method 3: Repair Ole32.dll missing system file checker (SFC) error. It will take a while for this operation and it’s important to wait until it’s done. When the command prompt is closed and the computer is restarted as usual. Vcruntime140.dll-C Runtime Library msvcp140.dll-C Runtime Library d3dcompiler 43.dll-Direct3D lame enc.dll-MP3 Encoder. d3dx9 43.dll-Direct3D 9 Extensions binkw32.dll-RAD Video Tools msvcp120.dll- C Runtime Library msvcr110.dll- C Runtime Library Other dll files samindr8.dll-ДÑÐ°Ð¹Ð²ÐµÑ ÑÐºÐ°Ð½ÐµÑа WIA (мини-дÑÐ°Ð¹Ð²ÐµÑ WIA) ext-ms-win-core-psm-service-l1-1-0.dll-ApiSet Stub DLL qedwipes.dll-DirectShow Editing SMPTE Wipes kbd106n.dll-JP Japanese Keyboard Layout for 106 kbdur1.dll-Ukrainian (Enhanced) Keyboard Layout certpoleng.dll-Certificate Policy Engine systemeventsbrokerclient.dll-system Events Broker Client Library protocolfilters.dll-Adguard network driver api bootux.dll-bootux HPStatusBl.dll

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